Pizza Hut and KFC Unveil New Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut have been associated with each other for years, with the two fast-food titans even inspiring an earworm-worthy song. Fried chicken and homestyle sides might not typically go with pizza, but a new creation brings the two together in a pretty surprising way. Pizza Hut recently unveiled the KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza, which places KFC's popcorn chicken, sweet corn, and even gravy on top of mozzarella cheese and a classic Pizza Hut crust base. The product was first discovered in UK Pizza Hut locations earlier this month, with the signage confirming to skeptics that "Yes, this is real."

According to Delish, the pizza is only available in participating Pizza Hut UK through February 16th, so you need to act fast to try this officially-sanctioned mashup. It is only available in Pizza Hut's large size, and retails for roughly $26.75 USD. There's no indication if the pie will be available in the states, but reviews have certainly been positive enough to potentially warrant that.

"Wow! This is so worth ordering, it is so bizarre but we ate every last slice! It's delicious, and we loved the gravy base!," Instagram user @newfoodsuk wrote in a review. "The popcorn chicken good, adding flavour to the pizza. We highly recommend trying this pizza, it's fun and delicious!"


In the meantime, KFC fans can prepare to broadcast their love for the brand in a whole new way, as the company is partnering with Crocs for a line of surprisingly-fashionable footwear.