Ryan Reynolds' Cell Phone Company Is Giving Free Service to All Customers for the Next Month

Ryan Reynolds’s cell phone company has decided to give free service to all customers for the [...]

Ryan Reynolds's cell phone company has decided to give free service to all customers for the next month due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Deadpool star took to Twitter to alert any Mint Mobile users about the announcement. Effective today, the phone company will be providing all current and new customers with free unlimited high-speed data add-ons for their accounts. This will go a long way in helping people stay connected during a difficult time. Mint's move follows other utility companies and some landlords in suspending shut-offs and collection notices as people are struggling.

"These last few days have thrown the world into an unprecedented moment of uncertainty where reliable communication is of the utmost importance," the statement reads. "As your communication provider, we feel it's necessary to do something that could possibly help all of us navigate this tough time a little bit better. Starting 3-15-20 through 4-14-20, Mint Mobile will be providing all current and new customers with FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons."

Mint also added some helpful tips on how this will work. Users have to download or update the most recent version of the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From there, go to "account" and tap "buy more data." From there, add data in 3GB increments. 95 percent of data add-on must be used prior to adding an additional data add-on. After, your credit card will be charged and then refunded within 24 hours. (Bank cards will typically take longer to process.) Users can feel free to use as many of the 3GB allotments as they need through 4-14-20.

People in the comments below Reynold's tweet are absolutely supporting the decision. At times like these it is important to help people and decisions like these can go a long way. There will undoubtedly be a moment during the home stint that a lot of of fans will face in the next couple of weeks where half of the Internet watches Deadpool together. Marvel fans have been ecstatic about the character entering the MCU, but they're also getting one of the most beloved actors on Earth as a part of the package.

Do you or anyone you know use Mint? Excited about the extended data? Planning to watch Deadpool this evening? Let us know in the comments!