Ryan Reynolds Releases Hilarious Video in an Attempt to Make CONQUER COVID-19 Shirts Less “Boring”

Ryan Reynolds is back with another hilarious video. Earlier this week, the actor released a new [...]

Ryan Reynolds is back with another hilarious video. Earlier this week, the actor released a new quarantine ad for his gin company and naturally poked fun at Hugh Jackman in the process. Yesterday, Reynolds posted another video, this time promoting CONQUER COVID-19 t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds go directly to supplying PPE to frontline workers, however, the shirt's plain design has drawn some criticism. In order to combat this "boring" shirt design, the actor made a funny video with the hopes of making the shirts seem more appealing.

"Some people have said these Conquer Covid-19 shirts are 'too boring'. Well, guess what, Blake? Not anymore... Get yours at: @conquercovid19ca #boringtshirtchallenge 🇨🇦," Reynolds wrote. In the video, the actor boasts new designs of the "world's most boring t-shirt" such as exciting, formal, sexy, winter, staying in at night, and more. Of course, all of these special designs are just the same as the original shirt, but you have to commend Reynolds for having some fun with it. You can watch the full video below:

Ryan Reynolds has been doing a lot during the current pandemic. The actor donated $1 million to coronavirus relief as well as donating 30% of his company Aviation Gin's online order proceeds to bartenders. In a recent video, Reynolds also shared a message about the coronavirus and joked about counting on celebrities during these trying times.

"We need to work together to flatten the curve, and fight off COVID-19," Reynolds says in the video. "I think, in time of crisis, I think we all know it's the celebrities that we count on most. They're the ones who are gonna get us through this. Right after healthcare workers, of course, first responders, people who work in essential services, ping pong players, mannequins – they're great, childhood imaginary friends, 400 other types of people. Look, stay at home, practice social distancing, wash your hands, we are gonna get through this thing. We're gonna get through this thing together."

You can learn more about CONQUER COVID-19 here.