Ryan Reynolds Apologizes To Hugh Jackman After Lashing Out Over Dog Video

X-Men and Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has once again gone viral on social media- this time for a [...]

X-Men and Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has once again gone viral on social media- this time for a video of Jackma and his French Bulldog dancing together. That shining moment of pure adorableness is now being enjoyed by Marvel/Jackman fans all over the world - which inevitably means it also attracted a hater or two. Case in point: Fellow X-Men movies alum (and longtime Hugh Jackman frienemy) Ryan Reynolds has now apologized, for some heated comments he made on Jackman's dog-dancing post. To be more specific (and fully honest), Reynolds "apology" is just the second jab from his two-punch swing at Jackman:

"What kind of monster puts tap dancing shoes on a dog?" Reynolds said in his first post, referring of course to Hugh Jackman, who is seen wearing such shoes in his dancing video.

After that first salvo, Ryan Reynolds followed up with this: "Apologies to Mr Hugh Jackson. When I wrote that I hadn't yet seen or listened to the video. The dog appears to be dressed normally."

Hugh Jackman Dancing French Bulldog Dali Viral Video Ryan Reynolds Comments

Needless to say, Marvel fans are getting a major kick out of Ryan Reynolds' latest trash-talking of Hugh Jackman:

If you haven't been keeping track, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have turned their "faux feud" over social media into a sort of living performance all its own. It started with the surge in the success of their respective X-Men spinoff franchises (Deadpool 1&2, Logan), which led Marvel fans to root for a crossover between the two characters. By the time Reynolds was asking Jackman to appear in Deadpool 2 it was too late, as Hugh had formally retired. That "rebuke" set off a chain of social media trash-talk and mockery over the course of the last few years - but all in good fun, of course. In real life, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are actually good friends.

...Then again, Jackman may have actually mesed up Best Friends Day 2020, by featuring a pic of himself with a childhood friend. Reynolds took offense to the photo, posted "I don't understand..." in mockery of his supposed BFF ties to Jackman. The Wolverine actor has actually taken on an aggressive stance in the "Faux Feud" since a brief truce last year; Jackman has "leaked' video of him bad-mouthing Reynolds, in response to Reynolds trash-talking him in the Sexiest Man Alive announcement.

Where will the Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman feud go from here? We Shall see...