Ryan Reynolds Releases New Mint Mobile Video With Paul Revere's Descendant Avery Revere

Ryan Reynolds released a new Mint Mobile video with Paul Revere’s descendant Avery Revere. Now, it’s strange to see the wireless company requesting the help of a relative of the American historical figure, but someone had to announce that a new unlimited plan for $30 a month. This all comes after increasing the advertising efforts for Mint in the last few months. Instead of big spectacle commercials, the cell phone company is leaning into the strange Ryan Reynolds humor lane hard. And from the looks of things, it’s working out just fine. There are a lot of people out there affected by the pandemic that are looking for ways to cut costs, and that $30 deal probably doesn’t sound too shabby in the wake of all of this.

“It’s hard to believe that Mint Mobile has never had an unlimited plan,” Reynolds began. “To break this revolutionary news, we brought in Paul Revere’s REAL descendent. Avery Revere!”

Revere then says in a monotone, “Unlimited is coming! Unlimited is coming… to Mint Mobile. For just $30.”

“Awwwww! That was worth it, I think,” Reynolds joked. “That was definitely worth it. It’s probably better than doing it on horseback, even if the deposit is non-refundable.” Then Revere tells the Deadpool star that there will be no horse riding at this shoot. Then the actor asks if they want to try the bell.

If that weren’t enough of a strange day on the Mint Mobile front. Rick Moranis got recruited by Reynolds to be in a commercial for the brand. He stepped into the frame and the entire Internet went ballistic because of how long it’s been since the beloved star was in much of anything. Moranis’ name was trending on Twitter in no time and the wireless company had another viral hit on their hands.


The Deadpool star compared the lack of an unlimited plan at his company to the Ghostbuster’s absence from Hollywood. Also, Moraines really doesn’t have much to say in the ad. He just gives one of those classic Moranis faces and walks away. Apparently, that’s enough to get the entire Internet going as there were GIFs and other memes coming from the commercial.

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