Ryan Reynolds Releases New Mint Mobile "Commercial" From Home

Ryan Reynolds is known for being a charismatic leading man and zany comedian, but in the last few years he's also shown off another great talent: ad man extraordinaire. Reynolds has done more an more commercials for everything form products he's selling himself (Aviation Gin), to charitable events or public service announcements he wants to highlight (like Coronavirus Pandemic safety measures). Today he's gone full ad man by leading the campaign for a new affordable wireless mobile service he owns, called "Mint Mobile." Of course, this isn't your standard celebrity sellout move - oh no,' Reynolds quarantine-brand home ad campaign is a lot more low-budget than that!

Truly, Ryan Reynolds has found a nice little niche for himself as a celebrity advertiser. His entire schtick of "Not really advertising - while really advertising," plays perfectly into his onscreen persona, as Marvel's fourth wall-breaking antihero, Deadpool. Fans will now watch anything Reynolds does like it's a comedic viewing event to behold - even if it's a commercial for something usually as off-putting as affordable mobile plans. If nothing else, kudos to Mint Mobile for finding a smart way around a major marketing hurdle!

Want most fans really want to see from Ryan Reynolds, however, is the actor back in his red-and-black Deadpool costume, this time palling around Avengers mansion with the rest of the new X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, which will be relaunched within Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Unvierse franchise. On that front, Reynolds has been careful to keep fans' hopes up, without overselling the slow progression with Deadpool 3 that's happening at Marvel Studios:

"Oh, man, I really don’t know," Reynolds told Total Film (via GamesRadar). "It’s just all so new with it being over at Marvel now, and, you know, figuring out the ins and outs as much as I can, from where I sit. We’ll see...if or when we get to make a Deadpool 3, I’ll probably have a better perspective on that. But I’m a huge fan of Marvel, and how they make movies. So when Disney bought Fox, I only saw that as a good thing. Deadpool hopefully being allowed to play in that sandbox, I think is just a win for everyone involved. But we’ll certainly see."

We'll keep you updated on the status of Deadpool 3, and Reynolds other upcoming film, which is still set for release on December 11th.

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