Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Does Shirtless Handstand Challenge

Now that people are spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels like virtual [...]

Now that people are spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels like virtual challenges are becoming particularly popular. Whether you're taking to social media to create epic fanart or recreate the latest TikTok dance, there's definitely something to briefly keep you occupied -- including the recent "Shirtless Handstand" Challenge. The movement, which was popularized by Spider-Man star Tom Holland, has caught the attention of several other celebrities, including Katee Sackhoff. The Battlestar Galactica and The Flash star recently took to Instagram to share a video of herself doing the challenge, which involves putting a shirt on over her sports bra while doing a handstand.

Sackhoff's video has gone viral since she initially shared it, with many being blown away by how effortlessly she completes the challenge. Sackhoff, who was nominated by Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort to do the challenge, tagged other celebrities like Sasha Banks, Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, and Tricia Helfer to join the fun (or physical discomfort, depending on how you look at it).

The challenge first picked up steam over the weekend, when Holland took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of him doing the feat. He then challenged his Spider-Man: Far From Home costar Jake Gyllenhaal - as well as Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds - to do the same, which sparked some hilarious and thirsty responses.

Sackhoff can most recently be seen on Netflix's Another Life, which was recently renewed for a second season. She also made her return to The Flash in February of this year as the wise-cracking antagonist Amunet Black.

"The cool thing about Amunet is, they continue to write her so fun, and the dialogue they give me is so interesting, and then they also give me the freedom to add more interesting touches and dialogue to her as I'm going," Sackhoff told in 2017. "So as long as they continue to put her in crazy places, I'll show up. I absolutely love this character. I think she's so much fun."

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