Tom Hanks Pens Encouraging Letter to Young Boy Being Bullied Over Coronavirus

Tom Hanks has been in the news a whole lot lately. 'America's Dad' and his wife, Rita Wilson, were [...]

Tom Hanks has been in the news a whole lot lately. "America's Dad" and his wife, Rita Wilson, were some of the first big names in Hollywood to test positive for COVID-19 back in March. During their quarantine, the couple frequently updated fans of their status via social media and lifted spirits with their fun videos. At the end of last month, Hanks revealed he and Wilson were back home in the United States after getting treated in Australia, but the latest news surrounding Hanks proves he's still got Australia in his heart. According to 7News Gold Coast, Hanks responded to a letter from a young boy who was being bullied over his name, Corona De Vries. Hanks' reply also included a Corona-brand typewriter. (Wisely, he skipped the Corona-brand beer.) In the letter, De Vries asked if Hanks and Wilson were okay, and revealed he was "sad and angry" because other kids were calling him "coronavirus." Here's Hanks' reply:

"Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! Thank you for being such a good friend - friends make their friends feel good when they are down. I saw you on TV, even though I was back in the USA already - and all healthy. Even though I was no longer sick, getting your letter made me feel even better. You know, you are the only person I've ever known to have the name Corona – like the ring around the sun, a crown. I thought this typewriter would suit you. I had taken it to the Gold Coast, and now, it is back - with you. Ask a grown up how it works. And use it to write me back." Hanks ended his letter, handwriting, "P.S. You got a friend in ME!"

Leave it to Hanks to continue providing warm fuzzies during these dark times. The actor even hosted the "At Home" episode of Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago, which brought so much joy to people everywhere. During their quarantine in Australia, Hanks and Wilson were extremely active on social media. At one point, Hanks channeled Mr. Rogers in an update, who he recently played (and received an Oscar nomination for) in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Wilson also shared her quarantine playlist, and Hanks took the time to encourage his followers to vote during these trying times.

For those who are worried about the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC offers a litany of tips, including covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding large gatherings or close contact with people who are sick, and washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.