Twilight Fans Freak Out Over How Different Edward and Bella Are in Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun, the retelling of Stephenie Meyer's beloved novel Twilight this time from Edward [...]

Midnight Sun, the retelling of Stephenie Meyer's beloved novel Twilight this time from Edward Cullen's perspective rather that of Bella Swan, hit stores last week and while Twilight have eagerly read the long-awaited novel and had quite a bit a praise for it, there's one thing that they haven't quite been able to get over. Twilight fans have been freaking out about just how different Edward and Bella are as presented from Edward's perspective in Midnight Sun as opposed to how fans first got to know the characters through Bella's eyes in Twilight.

On social media, many Twilight fans have noted just how different Edward and Bella are in Midnight Sun with some marveling how much darker Edward seems in Midnight Sun, but according to Meyer, that's to be expected. The author told Us Weekly that Midnight Sun reveals a slightly darker story and an Edward who, rather than being confident and a bit aloof, is full of anxiety and doubt that Bella never noticed or expressed in Twilight.

"Edward comes across as very confident and sure of himself in Twilight, when the whole time he was actually wracked with doubt and guilt," Meyer explained. "I think readers will be surprised by his level of constant anxiety. While in Twilight, we got to see all of Bella's second-guessing and hesitation, from Edward's point of view Bella comes across as very serene and self-possessed."

The novel also sheds light on Jacob as seen from Edward's perspective as well, something Meyer teased as a "much darker story".

"Edward is absolutely certain that this story will not end well. He truly believes he's living out a tragedy, and he sees no light at the end of the tunnel," she said.. "He's slightly hopeful for about three chapters and full of anxiety and dread for the other 27."

Even with the differences thanks to the contrast in points of view, fans are still loving Midnight Sun, so much so that some wish the entire Twilight Saga could get a rewrite from Edward's perspective.

"Sooo, I'm not saying Stephenie Meyer should re-write the whole Twilight Saga in Edward's perspective...but that's exactly what I'm saying. I need more than Midnight Sun, thanks," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Midnight Sun is on sale now.

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