United States Intelligence Office Updates Logo to Include UFOs

The times, they are a-changing—especially when it comes to the United States government and its stance on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the new terminology officials use for UFOs. Saturday, eagle-eyed believers happened across a peculiar change on the website for the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation. The office, which reports to the Director of National Intelligence, updated its logo to include a UFO.

While other common crafts are included on the logo, including a commercial jet, a fighter jet, a stealth bomber, and a satellite, the logo also includes the standard—most well-known, if you will—shape of a UFO: the flying saucer. See the logo for yourself below.

This August, peculiar wording was included in an intelligence budget report suggesting some UFOs weren't man-made. The phrasing instructed officials to focus their attention on spotted unidentified aircraft that were confirmed to be not be made by known sources.

"Temporary nonattributed objects, or those that are positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate offices and should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena," the report said. 

After the report surfaced, a former Department of Defense staffer wrote in an op-ed that the verbiage suggests officials know there are some UAP not of this planet.

"It strains credulity to believe that lawmakers would include such extraordinary language in public legislation without compelling evidence," Marik von Rennenkampff said in the op-ed. "This implies that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee believe (on a unanimous, bipartisan basis) that some UFOs have non-human origins. After all, why would Congress establish and task a powerful new office with investigating non-'man-made' UFOs if such objects did not exist?"


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