Colossus Star Stefan Kapicic Comments on That Hilarious 'Deadpool 2' Trailer

The first trailer for Deadpool 2 has finally arrived, though the packaging is much different than many would have expected. With the exception of 10-20 seconds of exciting footage in the second half of the trailer, most of the two minutes was spent watching Deadpool imitate Bob Ross while on a plethora of drugs.

Fans seemed to love the beautiful absurdity of the situation but they weren't the only ones. Stefan Kapicic, who stars as Colossus in the film, was overjoyed by the final product. We reached out to Kapicic to share his thoughts on the new trailer, and he was quick to share his excitement.

"This is one of the funniest mornings I've had in a long time," Kapicic told us of seeing the trailer Wednesday morning. "Waking up with that 'Bob Deadpool Ross' teaser trailer got me WADE awake!"

See what he did there?

Kapicic continued, "The brilliance of Ryan Reynolds and the Fox marketing that we had for the first movie continues in the same unique way, which makes all of us who are a part of the franchise so proud and hype. There is so much more brilliance that is soon to unravel. That glimpse of Deadpool 2 in there is so powerful and action-filled, people should get ready to be geeked out!"

The trailer showed some glimpses at a lot of the characters, but didn't include any looks at Colossus or Cable, save for one gloved hand at the very end. Not to worry though, Kapicic assures that you're going to see a lot from those two characters in future trailers.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018.