Deadpool Creator Thinks X-Force and Deadpool Are a Conundrum for Disney/Fox Merger

Disney's purchase of Fox has almost been completed and, in just a matter of months, the film rights to the X-Men characters will revert back to Marvel Studios, allowing them to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No doubt this is exciting when it comes to most of the X-Men, it does create some problems for a couple of the R-rated mutants that have been ultra successful in their own franchise. Of course, we're talking about Deadpool and the X-Force.

Deadpool's semi-standalone film franchise earns its aggressive R rating and fans can't get enough of it, leading to massive showings at the box office. However, that type of movie doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the MCU, which is much more family friendly. Disney and Marvel will soon need to decide what to do with these characters. Do you continue the movies as is, despite the adult content? Or do you abandon what's been working to bring them into the fold? Maybe there's a way to do both, who knows?

While speaking to about his new X-Men project, Major X, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld said that Disney is at a major crossroads when it comes to these characters.

"I believe Deadpool and X-Force are a conundrum for the merger. I do," Liefeld said. "X-Force and Deadpool are a conundrum, and how they will be solved, I guess, is to be determined. TBD."

That's not to say it can't be done, though. Liefeld admits that there are ways to make the X-Men work in PG-13, but that some just might be better suited for adults.

"Let's just go to X2," he continued. "X-Men 2 released in 2003. People, if you were alive that summer, you could not be more excited about that movie arriving, and then that movie executing. People loved X2. It did great box office. People loved it. They thought it was a new threshold for comic book films at the time. But, see the history books have passed.


"And I believe Kevin Feige was the producer on X2. He was in that. He learned with the X-Men films. But my point, is you got the Fox films. You've got X2, First Class, Logan, both Deadpool movies. They are distinct. First Class is distinct. Matthew Vaughn, master filmmaker, just strutting his stuff. I think that it's one of my favorite comic book movies, but has a distinct flavor. It's not the Marvel universe brand of films. Logan is not a Marvel Universe branded film. Neither is Deadpool or Deadpool 2. So my long winded-ass point is I like the different flavors. And I feel like making what was R into PG-13, Once Upon a Deadpool aside, when I hear PG-13, I hear 'Conform, conform, conform. Can we have successful Deadpool and X-Force that they can conform?' And I would question that. I would like to see again, I believe, there's a lot of life left in the R rating. I'll go to Logan, two Deadpool movies, the John Wick movies. Can you make a John Wick movie that I like without an R rating? See, I can answer this better if I take another franchise. Would I like Logan better if it wasn't an R rating? No, I would not. That movie, finally, I got to see the Wolverine I grew up loving. And surprise, what's everybody's favorite Wolverine movie? It's Logan. No one hesitates."

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