Marvel Fan Plays Avengers Theme On Piano For Talent Show

A young Marvel fan is showcasing his talent on his high school's stage. Flynn Parker took his love for Marvel movies and the Avengers to the next level when he played the Avengers theme song in his high school's talent show. He is calling it the "Ultimate Piano Cover" and he does a pretty solid job.

Check out Parker's video playing the Avengers theme song above.

Avengers fans haven't heard much of the iconic Marvel theme song recently in the movies. The heroes did not have much to rally behind in Avengers: Infinity War, which lead to the directors making an intentional choice to limit their tune's air time.

"We should mention Alan Silvestri's theme here," Anthony Russo said, "It's very Pavlovian for many of us in terms of the emotional reaction we get from it."

Joe Russo agreed, and that emotional reaction is the reason why the directors used the song sparsely. "I think it's without question the most emotional piece of music that exists. It's used very sparingly in this movie for two very big moments. One here and one with Thor. It's hinted at in other places but doesn't get into its full-blown presentation."

The theme came back into play thanks to Silvestri, who played it on his iPhone and it became a part of Avengers: Infinity War's biggest moments.


"I think Alan recommended this," Joe Russo said. "We were sitting in a room with him and he pulled out an iPhone and started playing it from the original Avengers soundtrack just over the cut and everybody in the room went crazy. So we said, 'all right, that's a great idea.' Then we knew we needed a big piece of the score for Thor so, we thought, early on, when we're conceiving the film it was very important to us, as directors, to identify two or three key moments where that theme could come in. As I said I think it's the best thing that we have for music in the Marvel Universe just for recognizably and connection to the audience."

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.