Hidden Tony Stark Image Found in New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Marvel fans have so much more interest in seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home now that they know how pivotal it is as the epilogue to Avengers: Endgame and preview of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 beginning. One big holdover from Endgame's story will be the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man, and the effect that loss is having on the world, as well as the world of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Shots of Iron Man memorials and murals from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer are already becoming iconic pieces of MCU imagery. Now, fans have just discovered that one shot in particular is more special than originally thought.

Tony Stark can be seen from the Iron Man graffiti shot in Far from home trailer from r/marvelstudios

That's a pretty wild use of white space in the Iron Man mural; the best part of it is that, at first glance, the same white space makes the image look like it's eroding and melting off the wall, which is a somber ode to Iron Man leaving the world. The image of Tony's face created by the white space is straight-up haunting.

If we ever started to believe that the creators of these MCU movies are getting lazy about making connections and burying fun Easter eggs for fans to find, this is certainly strong evidence to the contrary. It isn't the only deep-cut Easter egg the Spider-Man franchise is revealing, either: recently Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that Peter Parker's academic decathlon teacher Mr. Harrington's MCU origins go back to his appearance in Incredible Hulk!


There's so much more beyond the reaction to Iron Man's death that Spider-Man: Far From Home will also have to touch on. There's still major questions about The Snap reversal and why Peter Parker's entire decathlon team seems to be high school age instead of five years older. There's also major mystery hanging over the story of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his claim of being from an alternate Earth -- not to mention more personal questions like what Spider-Man's partnership with Nick Fury could blossom into.

Marvel fans now have all the reason in the world to see Spider-Man: Far From Home when it hits theaters on July 2nd.