Absolute Carnage Takes Over Beloved Marvel Hero in Heartbreaking Final Page

Through the first couple of weeks of Marvel's Absolute Carnage event, the resurrected, [...]

Through the first couple of weeks of Marvel's Absolute Carnage event, the resurrected, Knull-driven Carnage has been on a massive manhunt throughout the country. His goal is simply to track down each and every person who has ever hosted a Symbiote and remove the Codex still attached to their spine. In some cases, he has turned these former hosts into versions of Carnage themselves, joining the hive and fighting for Knull's cause. At first, these transformations simply targeted characters like John Jameson and Norman Osborn, but that changed in Absolute Carnage #2. One of Marvel's most beloved characters, one that didn't even have a previous Symbiote encounter, has been turned to one of the chaotic red creatures, and it's a bit of a heartbreak.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for Absolute Carnage #2 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman! Continue reading at your own risk...

Towards the end of the newest Absolute Carnage, Venom arrives at a battle in New York City to find Miles Morales and Scorpion fighting off a horde of Carnage Symbiotes. Carnage is going after Mac Gargan because of his dealings as a symbiote host in the past. This is where things go haywire.

Carnage gets to Gargan and stabs him through the spine, attempting to remove his Codex. It looks like he'll succeed until Miles venom punches him in the face, sending his Symbiote out of sorts for a moment. Eddie is able to get Mac to safety in that small window of time, but Carnage returns with a rage directed solely at Miles. The young Spider-Man wasn't the original target of Carnage but that didn't matter.

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The ending of the book sees Eddie turn back to find Miles, only to see him being transformed into another Carnage, becoming a Symbiote host for the very first time.

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1 also delivers this same ending, confirming that Miles has indeed been taken into Knull's hive.

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