'Agents of SHIELD' Recap With Spoilers: "Inside Voices"

Coulson speaks to Hale through a camera in his room. Hale has removed all comforts from his [...]

Coulson speaks to Hale through a camera in his room. Hale has removed all comforts from his quarters.

Hale wants to transform Creel into a hero by having him bond with gravitonium. Ruby is skeptical of her mother's plan now that she knows it is Daisy Johnson that Hale wants to infuse with gravitonium.

The gravitonium grabs onto Creel. He sees flashes of Franklin Hall before the gravitonium throws him off. Creel says the gravitonium is alive.

Mack finds Yo-Yo beating a heavy bag in the gym with her new robot arms. Mack tells her to take it easy, but Yo-Yo is anxious.

Deke and Fitz talk to each other about the fact that former is the latter's grandson. Deke respects the actions Fitz took as "The Doctor."

Simmons tries to pick Deke's brain about the future, but he doesn't remember anything about them, just that they made it to the Lighthouse.

Daisy is still determined to find Robin. Simmons argues with her about it, saying they should be following Fitz's lead instead, but Daisy insists Fitz stay locked up and they ignore him.

Simmons talks to Yo-Yo instead. They believe they can't be killed and should be taking another approach. They're going to check Hydra storage areas for a hidden weapon. Simmons plans to find a way to get Fitz out of his cell so that he can help.

Hall is still inside Creel's head. Hale encourages him to take the next step in their experiments.

Daisy's quinjet picks up Robin and her mother from hiding. Polly says Robin's visions have been overwhelming her, and she hasn't been drawing or talking.

Alex Braun is still going through his father's journals. Ruby says he needs to hurry because she believes her mother is trying to move forward without her. Alex redoubles his efforts.

Daisy tries to reach out to Robin about Coulson.

Mack does some maintenance on Yo-Yo's arms. Yo-Yo asks Mack to let Fitz out of his cell. Mack doesn't want to hear about the future and refuses to free Fitz or let Yo-Yo go.

Creel hears Hall mention Coulson in his head. He breaks into Coulson's cell. Creel attacks Coulson and says the gravitonium wants Coulson dead. Coulson brings up Talbot and realizes Creel doesn't know what Hale did to the general. He tells Creel that Talbot is still a prisoner. Creel agrees to check out Coulson's story.

Polly shows Daisy Robin's last drawing. It's the drawing of Robin dying in the future. Robin goes into the ship's cockpit and calls May mommy.

Creel and Coulson hear Talbot rambling in his cell. They open it up and begin to make their escape.

Yo-Yo brings Mack to Fitz and Simmons so that Simmons can perform an experiment to prove they can't die. She going to pour four drinks, three water and one poisonous, then drink three of them. She's sure it will only be water that she drinks. The third drink she consumes is the poisonous substance.

Mack opens Fitz's cell so that Fitz can find what's needed to counteract the poison. When he does, Yo-Yo shoves Mack into the cell and Simmons reveals she was faking, but that the experiment was real.

Robin starts drawing. She says Coulson can put all of the pieces together. Robin says Coulson is going to die.

Deke and Daisy talk about Robin. May brings them one of her drawings. It's of Coulson and Talbot standing in front of mountains.

Creel tries to lead them out of the bunker. He doesn't know where they're at as he was blindfolded on the way in. One of the guards sounds an alarm. Hale sends Ruby after Creel, Talbot, and Coulson. She reminds Ruby that they need Creel alive.

Creel, Coulson, and Talbot get into a fight with some guards in the hallway. One punches Coulson in the chest and stops his heart. Talbot tells Creel to do something to help Coulson. He turns metal and uses the electricity from one of the robot guards to jump start Coulson's heart.

They keep going, but this time they are cut off by two more guards with Ruby.

Polly asks May about her connection with Robin. Polly says she knows that she's not in Robin's visions of the future.

Creel holds off Ruby while Talbot and Coulson make their escape using the space travel device that Hale uses to meet with the Confederacy. Creel and Ruby continue to fight until Hale arrives and orders them to stop. Ruby throws her chakra into Creel's chest anyway, but he manages to absorb a hard enough substance to stop it in time. Ruby declares herself the destroyer of worlds, and Hale sends her after Talbot and Coulson.

Talbot and Coulson appear in a frozen mountain forest.

There's a flashback to Raina and Ian Quinn talking. Quinn thinks Raina is giving him the gravitonium, but in fact, Raina is giving Quinn over to the gravitonium. The gravitonium consumes Quinn.