'Agents of SHIELD' Going on Hiatus in February

ABC has confirmed to ComicBook.com that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will be taking some time off [...]

ABC has confirmed to ComicBook.com that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will be taking some time off during the month of February.

Following the February 2nd episode "Past Life," Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will air reruns or be pre-empted throughout the remainder of the month. ComicBook.com has reached out for clarification on what would be pre-empting SHIELD in that time slot and is awaiting a response.

After being delayed to accommodate the first season of Marvel's Inhumans, Agents of SHIELD Season Five was supposed to run uninterrupted through its conclusion. It seems those plans have changed. With the Winter Olympics set to steal some viewers away from all scripted television, its understandable that ABC may want to hold the back half of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

That means that the first appearance of Ruby, Dove Cameron's previously secret Agents of SHIELD character, will be in the eleventh episode of Agents of SHIELD's fifth season, which airs on March 2nd.

The 100th episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will follow on March 9th. Executive producer Jeph Loeb previously told ComicBook.com that the episode will be a significant event.

"Look, this is not going to come as a surprise to anyone that's ever seen a 100th episode, that there will be a significant event," Loeb said. That's all I can tell you. They gotta get home from space!"

Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg teased that the episode will live up to fans' expectations.

"Fans who hope that a 100th episode will contain something that will be a cataclysmic event or a gigantically resonate event for their feels after 100 episodes will not be disappointed," Gregg said.

With a hiatus now imminent, "Past Life" seemes likely to wrap up the agents' trip to the future, What we know about Ruby suggests that the second half of the season will reveal more about a the Blue Raven military base, picking up on seeds sown in the Fitz-centric episode "Rewind" from earlier in this season.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.