'Agents of SHIELD' Premiere Promo Takes Team to Space

In space, no one can hear the Agents of SHIELD scream…A clip from the new season of the Marvel [...]

In space, no one can hear the Agents of SHIELD scream…

A clip from the new season of the Marvel Television series reveals Daisy Johnson, Coulson, and company going up against some terrifying, extraterrestrial threats. Watch the clip above.

After the end Season Four finale episode, fans were teased with the agents' latest mission as Phil Coulson was revealed to be in space. It looks like the Season Five premiere will deal with how he and his teammates get there.

We already knew that the Kree would return, playing a role in the latest season of the Marvel series, and we get our first look of them in this new promo as they appear to be hunting down some prey. We also get a glimpse of a brand new alien threat, which is doing a bit of hunting in its own right.

Of the core team, we get to see Daisy, Coulson, May, Simmons, Mack, and Yo Yo present. But Fitz is noticeably absent from the space expedition, which is very interesting considering he spent the last chunk of episodes as a traitor in the Framework, helping Hydra hunt down his friends while he was in a relationship with the LMD who just wanted to live known as AIDA.

Fans who were lucky and dedicated enough to brave Agents of SHIELD's New York Comic Con presentation at Madison Square Garden were treated to a portion of the first episode, and ComicBook.com was on hand to recap that event (you can read it right here). There are some items in there you might find spoilery, so only click if you want to know.

The new preview was packed with footage we didn't get to see at the presentation, teasing May flying a spaceship and a Star-Lord-looking dude terrorizing the team.

This new promo is loaded with intense action unlike anything we've seen from the Marvel series so far, which is a good thing. Agents of SHIELD tends to be better when it stretches out of its comfort zone of high-stakes espionage action.

The series is scheduled to premiere Friday, December 1 on ABC.