Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's Chloe Bennet Talks About Taking On Quake

After several seasons, Agents of SHIELD fans will soon get to see Chloe Bennet take on her [...]

Daisy Johnson
(Photo: ABC)

After several seasons, Agents of SHIELD fans will soon get to see Chloe Bennet take on her character's alter-ego, Quake. Fans first learned of Quake's debut at the end of Season Three once Daisy went rogue from SHIELD. Having assumed the new moniker, Quake draws all sorts of bad attention when she outs herself as a powerful Inhuman, forcing Phil Coulson to track his former apprentice down. And, now, Chloe is talking about how it feels to play the edgier character.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Chloe first talked about how the show approached Quake's introduction, saying, "I know the writers were particular about how they wanted to introduce her as Quake. There was another point where they were going to do that earlier on this season but I love the way that they did with the flash forward and the newspaper articles," she said.

And, when asked to describe how it feels to be Quake, Chloe said it's amazing. She told the site, "I love that it all stems from this hurt that she's going through. It's not necessarily her being this great superhero all of a sudden. She really becomes Quake because of the past she's had and the loss she's dealing with. It's not perfect."

Chloe went on to say why she thinks Quake resonates with Agents of SHIELD fans. Pointing towards its heroes' imperfections, she says viewers can sympathize with Quake because they know what kind of trauma she's endured. "She becomes Quake because she goes rogue, because every time she gets close to someone they die. Her mom tried to kill her and her dad had to kill her mom and her first boyfriend was like a Nazi – she's had a rough go these past couple of years," she said. "Her way of protecting the people that she cares about is really by distancing herself from them and not letting anyone else get close to her."

Obviously, the character's current state is much different than what fans are used to seeing. When Daisy (or Skye) was introduced to viewers, they knew her as someone desperately looking to trade in her lonely life for a one filled with family. And, now, Quake seems just as desperate to avoid her once-cherished connections. Chloe commented on her character's decision to leave SHIELD, revealing that she believes Quake is causing more harm than good.

"The reason she's so independent this season is for all the wrong reasons this time around, unfortunately," Chloe said. " She's trying really hard and I know her intentions are to do right by her team by distancing herself from them but she's actually hurting them and I don't think she's making the right decisions. Her independence is coming from a certain sadness and she's running from something instead of being truly independent in this case."

With that in mind, it's a good thing then Chloe thinks Quake won't stay rogue for long on Agents of SHIELD. That doesn't mean the actress hasn't enjoyed shooting her character's solo scenes though. When asked about Quake's 'one-man' mentality, Chloe said, "I don't think it will last very long."

Of course, fans have known for sometime now that Agents of SHIELD will take on a much gritter, darker tone next season to suit it's delayed time slot. So, for now, those viewers can only wait and wonder how Quake will shake up Agents of SHIELD until the show returns later this fall.