'Agents of SHIELD' Season 6 Trailer Released

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will finally be back for season 6 this summer, and we have a new trailer [...]

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will finally be back for season 6 this summer, and we have a new trailer for the upcoming season to share. Check it out, above!

The ending of this new trailer will definitely get Marvel fans buzzing, as it seems to reveal that Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) is somehow back from the dead - yet again. However, the final line of voiceover dialogue seems to indicate that Coulson's memory are very much scrambled... yet again. So, is this a resurrection? A Coulson from an alternate timeline? Or some kind of Life Model Decoy re-purposed as a Coulson-bot? It's Agents of SHIELD so any of the scenarios above is possible. The Ghost Rider connection that was established opens a window for the Spirit of Vengeance to bring Coulson back - in a manner where it's not quite Coulson, while still being him.

Recently AoS star Chloe Bennet gave fans a massive shot to the heart, by basically confirming that Agent Coulson is indeed dead when season 6 begins. The ending of season 5 saw Coulson take his lady love Melinda May and retire for SHIELD, due to a fatal prognosis form an old wound he suffered. Coulson had made the death-sentence promise to the Spirit of Vengeance in order to stop Aida, and was ready ot accept his fate, knowing that Quake, May, Mack and the rest of his squad would carry on without him.

When Agents of SHIELD was expected to end with season 5, this was an appropriate swan song for Agent Coulson, giving him an entire life cycle that was fulfilling and rich, while still leaving enough room so as not to disturb the continuity of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that we clearly see Coulson is back, there's more MCU continuity to consider, which will add some major intrigue to this new season. Even though the show is clearly not directly connected to the MCU films, this does feel like a spiritual cousin to Avengers: Endgame in a way. Exploring the new status quo after the death and loss of major heroic figure(s) is what Endgame's first act will be built on, before a cosmic chase unfolds. That will be the same for AoS, as we learn how SHIELD is fairing without Coulson, while embarking on a cosmic race to alter a harrowing future through time manipulation (Fitz's death).

As always, the biggest question beyond Coulson's return will be how this new Agents of SHIELD season connects to both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. What's your theory?

Agents of SHIELD season 6 will air on ABC this summer.