Anthony Mackie Says Ben Affleck Is The Best Thing About Batman V Superman

Falcon Batman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but that didn't keep Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman from being ceremoniously praised.

That praise even reached across the aisle to Captain America: Civil War actor Anthony Mackie. In a sit down with, the actor expressed his feelings about the work Affleck did with the much-coveted role.

"The interesting thing about that interview, that whole conversation I was saying how much I liked the character of Superman, and how I liked the old Superman, and how it deterred from that line, but after seeing Batman V Superman, I'm very glad they brought it back. I feel like, I said, with your friend who cut that to make it look like I said that, which I didn't, but anybody will do anything. When I saw that movie I was really excited about it because I said Ben Affleck would be the perfect Superman, I mean Batman, and when you see the movie he is the best thing about the movie, he shines as Batman."


With all the positive response towards Affleck, it's funny to think back on when he was originally announced, and the chaos that ensued over the downfall of Batman.