'Avengers 4' Fan Theory Explains How Deadpool Is the Key to Defeating Thanos

Heading into Avengers 4, we know that Earth's mightiest heroes are going to need a lot of help [...]

Heading into Avengers 4, we know that Earth's mightiest heroes are going to need a lot of help taking down Thanos and resurrecting the lives that were lost at the end of Infinity War. While everyone (rightfully) expects this help to come in the form of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, who was called by Nick Fury in the previous film's post-credits scene, one new fan theory explains how a wise-mouthed mercenary could actually be the key to the world's survival.

Of course, we're talking about Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool here, as his most recent big screen adventure could help the Avengers in their quest to right the wrongs of the past. Let's break it down.

According to one fan's theory, Ant-Man's journey into the Quantum Realm would allow him to access various alternate realities, one of which being the universe where Deadpool and the other X-Men cinematic characters currently reside. Once he runs into Wade Wilson, all sort of opportunities are made available, thanks to the events of Deadpool 2.

If you recall, at the end of that film, Deadpool gained access to a working version of Cable's time travel device, and used it to "fix" mistakes like Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So, if Ant-Man were to run into Deadpool in some sort of alternate dimension, he could obtain the use of time travel technology.

Once Ant-Man gets his hands on the device, he can take it back to the MCU and use it to go back in time, stopping Thanos before he kills half the universe. This would help explain all of the time travel and flashbacks that fans are expecting ahead of Avengers 4.

This is a super fun theory, especially once you think about the potential brilliance of Paul Rudd and Ryan Reynolds playing off of one another. However, there's no way it can actually happen, at least not in Avengers 4.

Disney has a deal in place to purchase 21st Century Fox, which would allow Deadpool and the other cinematic X-Men characters to appear in MCU films. But as we all know, that deal isn't done quite yet. January 2019 is regarded as the earliest that anything could be official with this purchase. Given that Avengers 4 has already been filmed, and Deadpool appearing in the movie isn't yet allowed, we can easily rule this one out, as disappointing as that may be.

Hopefully by the time the next big Marvel team-up happens, all of the X-Men will be able to participate.

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Avengers 4 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.