Avengers Campus: Tips, Tricks, and History Behind the Attraction's Food and Beverages

Avengers Campus officially opens on Friday, June 4th at Disneyland's California Adventure Park and there's a whole lot to enjoy at the new attraction. In addition to some exciting experiences and the new Spider-Man ride, WEB SLINGERS, there is also a great list of food options. In addition to the already-existing Terran Treats outside of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!, the new Avengers Campus location has Pym's Test Kitchen, Pym's Tasting Lab, and the Shawarma Palace food carts.

The most important thing to know about each new food spot is that you need to use mobile ordering, so be sure to plan ahead and download the Disneyland app. This also applies to the second Shawarma Palace food cart, which is located outside of the Avengers Campus. You can learn more details about the Shawarma Palace here and check out the Pym's Test Kitchen menu here. There's also a lot of excitement when it comes to alcoholic beverages, including magically-refilled beers inspired by Thor: Ragnarok.

During the Avengers Campus media tour, Michele Gendreau, Director of Food & Beverage, broke down some of the choices behind Pym's Test Kitchen and revealed her favorite beverages from the Tasting Lab.

"Well, you know, I think we tie the story into the food. What we've had great success with, for many years now, is how do you relate the food and beverage experience, your eating experience, to the story. And much in line with what we did with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was really involve ourselves very tightly with [Walt Disney Imagineering] and the Avengers story in the beginning of the development. So that idea that we got to play very big in the beginning of what Ant-Man and the Wasp, what Hope and Hank Pym have created, how to shrink problems and grow solutions, was really the emphasis on how we built with this food and beverage," Gendreau shared.

"The Molecular Meltdown is a stout with ice cream, it's like a float actually, a stout float. It's delicious," she added. "So there's a marshmallow stout with ice cream and mini marshmallows. And so Pym, the idea of taking the story of the shrinking and the growing and the Pym Particles hitting every single piece of food and beverage, has been really the opportunity and the challenge. And really, I think something that will keep our guests coming back to try all of the items."


What food items from Avengers Campus are you most looking forward to trying? Tell us in the comments!

Avengers Campus opens to the public on June 4th at California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California.