Avengers Campus: Everything You Need to Know About Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

Avengers Campus is finally opening in Disneyland's California Adventure Park in Anaheim on June 4th, and ComicBook.com had the chance to preview the attraction earlier today. Since Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! opened back in 2017, the biggest draw of the new Avengers Campus is WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, an interactive screen ride that allows you to team up with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to take down the out-of-control Spider-Bots he helped create. Here's everything you should know about the ride...

First of all, when Avengers Campus opens on Friday, all guests will need to join the virtual queue in order to ride WEB SLINGERS, which is only available on the Disneyland app. Similar to Galaxy's Edge's Rise of the Resistance, this will be the only way to enjoy the ride for the foreseeable future. Distribution times for virtual queue enrollment are at 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM every day. For now, guests can only enter the virtual queue once per day.

As for the ride itself, there are two ways you can experience it. You can purchase your very own web-shooters at WEB Suppliers, the Spider-Man-themed shop next door, with special add-ons in the style of some of your favorite Avengers, which will customize your ride experience. "Right now, you can go and get an Iron-Man repulsor, if Iron-Man's your favorite character, and you can now have Iron-Man powers on that attraction," Brent Strong, executive creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering, explained during the media tour. "Each one unlocks different abilities, different strengths, different weaknesses, and it really changes the way that you play in the attraction. It allows you to role-play as your favorite hero on the ride as well as when you take it home."

If you don't want to drop the money on your own web-shooters or repulsor (they run about $30 each with add-on options), you can still enjoy the ride with the flick of your wrist. "We did a whole bunch of inventions to try and make the technology as un-obvious as possible. And so every time you ride WEB SLINGERS, we actually have an entire invisible interface that's on that vehicle with you, developed by all the inventors at WEB. It's in a way that cameras, in real-time, are able to determine where your head is, where your shoulders are, where your elbows are, where your wrists are. And between that and the 3D glasses, we're able to create weapons coming right out of your wrist every time you gesture," Strong added.

Speaking of the 3D glasses, we recommend wearing contacts if you have the option over eyeglasses. The 3D glasses aren't very big, so they're not easy to put over eyewear. The screens are huge, so you shouldn't have too much trouble seeing if you decide to take off your glasses, however, contacts are definitely the ideal option in order to fully enjoy WEB SLINGERS.

Another hot tip: Use both hands on the ride! Even if you have an official web-shooter, you'll rack up more points fighting the Spider-Bots if you utilize both wrists. Speaking of Spider-Bots, those are also available for purchase. Just like the web-shooters, they have different designs for various heroes like Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and Black Widow. If you get two, you can make them battle!

While you can currently only ride WEB SLINGERS once per visit, something to keep in mind for the future is the ride's vast amount of easter eggs. "There's a ton of variety inside WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. The basic mission is always the same, we are going to save the Campus from those rampaging Spider-Bots, but what the guests do absolutely determines how that adventure plays out. A lot of times, the first time you go through, there's so much to see, there's so much to do, we see that people are just slinging as fast as they can at Spider-Bots. A lot of people don't even realize that the webs can actually interact with the environments that those Spider-Bots are in as well. So, you can start to grab onto shipping containers, open doors, throw things, and shrink things in the Pym labs, open up some of those vitrines and the collector's fortress, and we've hidden a million easter eggs and little surprises in there for people to discover. So there's lots to find, lots to see. And, you know, I fully anticipate that our frequent visitors will be beating us on the high scoreboard at any moment," Strong explained.


Are you excited for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure? Tell us in the comments! Also, check back in tomorrow to see how the new ride stacks up against Universal's The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure opens alongside Avengers Campus on June 4th at California Adventure Park.