Magically Refilled Beers Inspired by Thor: Ragnarok Among Alcoholic Beverages at Avengers Campus

Pym Tasting Lab, adjacent to the Ant-Man themed Pym Test Kitchen in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park, will feature a reverse tap system bringing to life "magically" refilled beers inspired by Doctor Strange's appearance in Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok, learned during a behind-the-scenes look at the all-new land. When the God of Thunder visits Doctor Strange's New York City Sanctum on Midgard in search of vanished former Asgard king Odin, the Master of the Mystic Arts replaces Thor's tea with ale before magically replenishing Thor's emptied stein. When superhero recruits step into Avengers Campus this summer, they'll find the Disneyland Resort's Food & Beverage team turned the gag into a magical experience for adults.

In the location where grownups can enjoy craft beer, four selections will be available on a traditional draft beer system with another four additional beers available on the reverse draft system inspired by Doctor Strange's sorcery.

Disneyland cast members portraying scientists at the Pym Tasting Lab "will simply grab a vessel, they'll walk over, they'll attach it, and then magically the beer dispenses from the base," Jeannie Villarreal-Bissell, Beverage Project Manager, Disneyland Resort, explained during a media preview attended by "At the same time there's a magical light show that appears and then the cast member actually can walk away, perform another task, and the beer will continue to fill, and it will automatically stop. Then they remove the cup and serve it to our guests."

Avengers Campus Pym Test Kitchen
(Photo: Disneyland Resort)

Beer styles available at the location include pilsner, amber ale, and IPAs, with wheat ale and marshmallow mill stout among the selections. Wines will also be offered, including Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

"We're excited to be able to put a reverse tap system in and that magic will be able to be seen from our guests at the counter when they come up to the Pym Tasting Lab, to be able to experience that," added Michele Gendreau, Director of Food & Beverage for the Disneyland Resort's Experience & Integration team. "I think it'll just be a fun nod to the universe, to the Avengers universe."

Pym Tasting Lab alcoholic drinks Avengers Campus
(From left to right: X-Periment, Molecular Meltdown, Honey Buzz and Particle Fizz.)

Themed alcoholic beverages available in land-exclusive cups include X-Periment, Molecular Meltdown, Honey Buzz and Particle Fizz. These drinks feature such ingredients as habanero and mango syrup, vanilla ice cream, lemon juice or cherry flavored pearls with an alcohol base of tequila, stout, gin or hard seltzer.

Thor, Loki and Doctor Strange are among the many Marvel characters guests can interact with when visiting Avengers Campus. Doctor Strange will also demonstrate mind-bending mystic arts in The Sanctum, one of five themed areas in the land.


Avengers Campus opens this July 18th inside Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort. Purchase tickets.