Black Widow Finding Hawkeye in Tokyo in Avengers: Endgame Had a Hidden Meaning

For better or for worse, one of the most important relationships throughout Avengers: Endgame, and [...]

For better or for worse, one of the most important relationships throughout Avengers: Endgame, and really the whole Avengers franchise, is the one between Hawkeye and Black Widow. The duo have a close friendship from their time working as agents of SHIELD and have carried it through the last decade of the MCU. Their bond became crucial when Black Widow sacrificed herself to get the Soul Stone, allowing Hawkeye to return to his family.

While that's the scene between Hawkeye and Black Widow that people will remember, the one where they first reunite earlier in the film is just as important. In fact, according to the writers and directors who brought Endgame to life, there's actually more to their first scene than anyone realized.

On the feature commentary track on the Avengers: Endgame home release, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are joined by writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely break down the a lot of the motivations of the various scenes throughout the film. When the commentary reaches the scene where Black Widow goes to retrieve Hawkeye, they explain that it was an effort to bring the duo's story full circle.

"There's no one who could have pulled him out of this other than her," says Joe. "No one else shows up and gets him to come home. "

"Well it's also...It's implied that this is essentially what he did for her when he pulled her out of being a Russian Agent," adds Markus.

Joe concludes, "That's right it comes full circle, their relationship. Right? 'Cause he had an opportunity to kill her and he changed her life, and now here she is - changing his."

There is a lot of talk throughout the MCU about Black Widow's history with Hawkeye. She even mentions it in Endgame. She was a Russian spy that was considered incredibly dangerous and Hawkeye's mission was to kill her. Instead, he saw something more in her and chose to bring her back to SHIELD. Black Widow had the chance to so the same thing in Endgame and she didn't hesitate.

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