Iron Man's Daughter From Avengers: Endgame Shows Off Amazing Rescue Halloween Costume

One of the fan-favorite breakout stars of Avengers: Endgame is carrying on the legacy of the late [...]

One of the fan-favorite breakout stars of Avengers: Endgame is carrying on the legacy of the late Iron Man with her epic Halloween costume, as Lexi Rabe shows off her iconic look as Rescue for the Trick-or-Treat occasion. Rabe played the young Morgan Stark and stole a memorable scene with Tony Stark actor Robert Downey Jr. in which she declared "I love you 3000." Her mom Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) goes on to don the actual Rescue armor in the final battle, but now Rabe gets her chance to wear one of Stark's most powerful inventions.

"My Halloween costume!" Rabe wrote on Instagram. "No that's not photoshopped! Rescue. Avengers. Custom built for me! By a friend [Shannon Rona]. Gwyneth Paltrow, what do you think? Robert Downey Jr., pretty cool huh? Marvel, hoping I get to fill these shoes one day!" Shannon Rona has developed an impressive reputation with her own Rescue cosplay, having gone viral in the past for a full-size suit which she has posed in outside of the real world location of Stark's Endgame cabin.

Check out Lexi Rabe's post on Instagram showing off her Rescue armor costume in the post below!

Rabe previously spoke with's Adam Barnhardt about the role of Morgan H. Stark. "People are asking us, are you in another movie?" she told in August of 2019. "And I don't know."

That's when mom, and photographer of the Halloween costume photo Jessica Rabe, stepped in and admitted they haven't filmed another movie — nor was one currently planned at the time of that interview more than one year ago. "We haven't filmed another one," Jessica revealed. "And we're not under contract, negotiations, or conversation at this point."

That said, Barnhardt asked Lexi which superhero she would like to play at should she be given an opportunity to bring Morgan Stark back to the silver screen. Without hesitation, she admits she would love keep it in the Iron Man family by playing a version of Ironheart. "There's already an Ironheart, but maybe I can be like another...I could be like a different type of Ironheart."