Avengers: Endgame Star Karen Gillan Torches Spider-Man to Get Revenge on Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds

It's easy for fantasy football trash talk to go a little too far, especially when you're playing [...]

It's easy for fantasy football trash talk to go a little too far, especially when you're playing in a league amongst friends. The biggest superhero movie stars in the world have joined a fantasy league for charity, put on by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo and ESPN's Matthew Berry (who had a cameo in Endgame). Entering this new weekend of the fantasy football season the stars have started posting their trash talk publicly on social media. Endgame's own Karen Gillan is taking on Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds this weekend, and they've each taken to Instagram with a wild video aimed at the other.

It started with the video from Reynolds, in which he noted that Gillan was incredibly nice and that he would rather talk trash to someone like Chris Evans, but that he would give it a shot because the Russo Brothers asked him to. The Deadpool actor then proceeds to unleash a trash talking tirade on Gillan, about 99% of which is bleeped out. The entire video is very funny (you can watch it here), but Gillan's response took things to a whole new level.

Gillan notes in her video that actions speak louder than words, so she heads into a book store to purchase a Deadpool toy and light it on fire. Yes, really. However, Gillan's joke takes a new life when she "realizes" that she doesn't know what character Reynolds actually plays. It turns out that the toy Gillan torches in the video is actually Spider-Man.

This joke takes several different shots at Reynolds all at once, including the idea that Spider-Man and Deadpool are sort of the same and that it's hard to remember which actor plays which character in the non-MCU Marvel universes. Gillan's burn is an all around great jab at Reynolds, but the final scene of the video elevates her to expert trash talk status.

After a message cursing Reynolds flashes on the screen, the video closes in on the burnt Spider-Man figure and the audio from Peter Parker's death in Avengers: Infinity War plays over it. "I don't want to go," rings from the video and you can't help but laugh, even though you'll probably want to cry.

The season has just started but you can already go ahead and hand out the trophies. Karen Gillan wins everything.

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