Avengers: Endgame Oscars Campaign Posters Revealed

With a record-shattering run at the global box office, Avengers: Endgame has absolutely made a [...]

With a record-shattering run at the global box office, Avengers: Endgame has absolutely made a significant impact on our popular culture. The monumental Marvel blockbuster wrapped up over a decade of storytelling across various superhero franchises and properties -- and it looks like the push has officially begun for the film to get recognized in the upcoming awards season. Two posters for Marvel Studios' "For Your Consideration" campaign for Endgame have surfaced online, which showcase some of the categories that they are pushing for the film to potentially be nominated in. These include a pretty wide array of technical categories, as well as the prestigious categories of Best Director and Best Picture.

There's no telling if Endgame will ultimately earn an Oscar nod when the time comes, even though Black Panther notably received a Best Picture nomination last year.

"I mean that would be great, right?" producer Trihn Tran previously told ComicBook.com of the Oscar possibilities. "I think, with RDJ, he spent the last decade bringing this character to life since the first Iron Man. To pay tribute to him in Endgame and where his journey ends, I hope everybody embraced what we felt emotionally was impactful to his character. I think that the Russos mentioning that it would be great that he gets acknowledged for the endeavor that he did."

"Just speaking to any directors being able to put all these characters on screen, it really just ... It couldn't have happened in Phase One," continues the producer. "We obviously couldn't have started a movie like this and dump all these characters in and have people actually know who they are. It took time. I think that's the biggest thing is it time allowed us to be able to get to the point to be able to make this movie because we were allowed the time and the opportunity to tell each and every one of their stories separately before we gathered them all together."

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