Avengers: Endgame Opens to $329 Million Box Office in China

Avengers: Endgame's theatrical run has only just begun, but it looks like the Marvel Studios epic [...]

Avengers: Endgame's theatrical run has only just begun, but it looks like the Marvel Studios epic has already earned a pretty major accolade. According to a new report from Variety, Endgame is slated to gross $329 million during its five-day opening weekend in China.

The report indicates that the film has had a nearly-unprecedented presence in Chinese theaters, with its market share having yet to drop below 95%. The report also cites data that China's year-to-date box office prior to Endgame was more than 9% below what it was in 2018, and that the film's $300+ million performance might have helped even things out.

Given Endgame's stratospheric performance in the weeks since it debuted, this probably isn't too much of a surprise. Still, with global box office projections for the film being pretty high leading up to its debut, these good numbers from China will certainly help make that a reality.

As those who have - and some who haven't - know, Endgame is setting out to be the conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first 22 films, which have been recently dubbed "The Infinity Saga".

"We wanted to bring to a conclusion a series of movies in a way that had never been done before," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said in a recent interview. "Harry Potter had an ending because there were only so many books. Lord of the Rings, too. But we thought, 22 movies in, wouldn't it be fun to bring some finality to the storyline?"

"It was important for us, because we wanted, the experience we wanted to have at the end of this story was the sense of emotional completion. In terms of what the narrative was in the film," co-director Anthony Russo previously told ComicBook.com. "And hopefully they'll have that similar feeling...It's serialized story-telling. The mission was to not make one long movie and get out the scissors and cut it in half. Because that's never been the most fulfilling cinematic expression. So for us, the commitment was to try and put a beginning, middle, and end to this, and a beginning, middle, and end to that."

Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame are in theaters now. Spider-Man: Far From Home will land in theaters on July 2nd.