Marvel Fans Realize If It Wasn't For Star-Lord We Might Not Have 'Avengers: Endgame'

In the year since Avengers: Infinity War opened in theaters, fans have spent a lot of time picking [...]

In the year since Avengers: Infinity War opened in theaters, fans have spent a lot of time picking apart various elements of the film looking for clues as to how it all might resolve in Avengers: Endgame, but also for who exactly they can blame for the devastation of Thanos' Snap. One person who routinely gets the majority of the blame is Star-Lord who lost control of his emotions just as the heroes had a chance of stopping Thanos, ruining the whole plan. Now, however, fans have started to come around to the idea that if it weren't for Star-Lord's actions, we wouldn't have Avengers: Endgame to look forward to in just a few more weeks.

On Reddit, a fan posted a humorous photo in which someone suggests that we should be thanking Star-Lord for his actions. The image is funny because it's easy to start to argue with the logic but, well, they're not wrong. Check it out below.

(Photo: Reddit)

For those who might not recall or are still too traumatized to talk about it, the scene that has fans hating Star-Lord and even hurling insults at actor Chris Pratt on social media -- is as follows. Near the end of the movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy (sans Rocket and Groot who were with Thor and Gamora who we will get to momentarily) along with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange attempt a risky plan. With Mantis subduing Thanos, the group attempts to remove the Infinity Gauntlet and thus, save half of the universe. However, Nebula shows up and notices that Gamora, who Thanos had previously taken, isn't there. It's revealed that Thanos killed Gamora in order to gain the Soul Stone.

And that, folks, is where things go off the rails. Star-Lord snaps. Despite the cries of those around him, Quill attacks Thanos for what he did to Gamora. His grief-fueled rage causes the Mad Titan to break free and stop the group from taking the Gauntlet -- bad timing, too, since Spider-Man was within seconds of getting it free. From there things quickly get worse. Thanos takes on all the heroes and handily defeats them, preparing to kill Iron-Man before Doctor Strange surrenders the Time Stone to save his life. Now only needing one last stone -- the Mind Stone -- Thanos departs for Earth and, in short order, acquire the stone, snaps his fingers, and executes his plan.

Yeah, it's easy to blame him and even be mad at him, but without that action we wouldn't have Endgame, which kind of lends to the idea that Star-Lord was always supposed to mess up because it's part of Doctor Strange's plan -- or at least part of the one possible future in which the heroes manage to be triumphant and somehow overcome Thanos. After all, Doctor Strange does tell Tony Stark before he disappears that this whole snap thing "is the only way".

So, yeah, maybe we should be thanking Star-Lord, but if nothing else, maybe we can cut him a little slack. He did end up among the snapped after all.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.