'Avengers: Endgame': Who Is Noobmaster69?

Avengers: Endgame is here. The epic Marvel Cinematic Universe film opened in theaters on Friday [...]

Avengers: Endgame is here. The epic Marvel Cinematic Universe film opened in theaters on Friday and is already dominating the box office in a way that has never before been seen as fans settle in to find out how the surviving Avengers decide to, well, avenge their fallen after Thanos snapped his fingers in last year's Avengers: Infinity War. But the movie isn't all grief, determined plans to take on the Mad Titan, and aftermath. There are other elements to this post-Snap world, including some surprising turns for beloved characters and a curious villain of sorts that most fans never would expect.

Warning! Beyond this point there are big huge spoilers for Avengers: Endgame! If you want to avoid spoilers for what may well be the cinematic event of a lifetime, turn away now! You've been warned!

Are you still reading? Sure you're okay with spoilers? Okay, seriously though this is your last warning. Still here? Okay, good. Here we go. Avengers: Endgame ultimately takes audiences on a five year time jump after an attempt to take the Infinity Stones back from Thanos mere weeks after the Snap fails -- Thanos had already destroyed them, but Thor cuts off his head for good measure anyway. Everyone goes home defeated. Thor, however, is dealing with massive compound trauma. Think about it for a moment. In the last several years he's lost his mother, his father, Mjolnir, Asgard, his brother, most of the Asgardians, as well as most of his friends and he wasn't able to stop any of it. With all of this weighing on him, Thor ends up retreating to New Asgard (located on Earth, in Norway) where he holes himself up to drink a lot of beer, eat pizza, and play video games with one of his few remaining friends, Korg.

It's this bleak setting that introduces an interesting "villain" to Thor's new situation. You see, there's a gamer that has been tormenting Korg. This gamer goes by Noobmaster69 and apparently his smack-talk really gets to Korg. When Bruce Banner (now Professor Hulk) and Rocket go to recruit Thor for a new daring plan to bring back the lost, they arrive at Thor's house around the time that this Noobmaster69 decides to mess with Korg again, prompting the rocky dude to ask Thor for help. Thor threatens him and successfully drives Noobmaster69 away for another day. But who is Noobmaster69? In the grand tradition of trying to sort out other intriguing side characters in the MCU -- we're looking at you, Galaga Guy! -- the hunt has been on for this mysterious character.

SYFY Wire in particular did a deep dive hunting for Noobmaster69 and, to make a long story short the video game villain tormenting Korg remains a mystery. Given that it appears in the movie that Korg is playing a PlayStation 4, they first checked for gamertags matching Noobmaster69 but ultimately came up empty. They then decided to check out Xbox users, noting the possibility that maybe Korg was really playing an Xbox One. That netted really interesting results with a "NO0bMaster69" actually existing as an Xbox 360 profile. However, that gamer hasn't really played much of anything, but their goofy Thor avatar is pretty great.

They also found another "N00bmaster69" who plays quite a few sports games as well as much of the Fallout franchise. A few other variations of the name were found as well, specifically one that's only played Red Dead Redemption. They also looked into the possibility that Endgame's Noobmaster69 is a Twitch commenter, with the only direct match being mostly inactive. The general takeaway? Whoever this "villain" is, they're certainly tricky to find.

All fun joking aside, Noobmaster69 likely doesn't actually exist in the real world, but the moment in Endgame made for a bit of levity in a scene that may have otherwise been difficult for fans to watch. Seeing Thor, once one of the mightiest Avengers with a physique the Guardians literally referred to as being as though a pirate had a baby with an angel, reduced to a slovenly drunk who let himself go as he attempted to numb the emotional pain he feels at all he lost isn't easy. It's especially brutal when, at the mention of Thanos' name, Thor breaks down. By being able to "defeat" Noobmaster69, Thor is able to still be a hero of sorts -- giving the God of Thunder a way to cope.

But seriously, Noobmaster69, leave Korg alone.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters.


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