'Avengers: Infinity War' Super Bowl Trailer Features Callback To 'Civil War'

Fans finally got another tease of Marvel Studios' upcoming crossover event, bringing all of the [...]

Fans finally got another tease of Marvel Studios' upcoming crossover event, bringing all of the superheroes together in the fight against Thanos. But the new trailer also revealed a homage to Captain America: Civil War.

In that film's post-credits scene, Captain America and Black Panther look through a window surveying Wakanda. Steve Rogers tells the king that their foes will come if they learn Bucky is in the country. T'Challa simply states "Let them try."

In the new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, we get an updated version of that same scene with beard Cap testing out his new gauntlets, standing next to Black Panther before a large window. "Let's go," Cap says, before the trailer cuts to other characters featured in the film. Check out the two shots below:

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

It's a nice, subtle touch from directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who helm both films. Watching Cap and Panther go from fighting each other over a misunderstanding to allies who stand tall together was one of the best aspects in Civil War, and we're excited to see that storyline continued in the new movie.

Ahead of the premiere of Black Panther next week, Marvel Studios seems to be kickstarting the promotion for the epic teamup movie. Ahead of yesterday's trailer during the Super Bowl, Marvel also unveiled Twitter emojis for 22 characters and the Infinity Stones.

The trailer itself has garnered just under 6 million views on Marvel's YouTube channel so far, less than a day after it debuted online. And as fans pore over all of the details and teases contained within, they're noticing things like the reference to Captain America: Civil War.

The new trailer was also packed with other awesome moments, including a glimpse at Bucky Barnes' new arm, a reunion between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Adolescent Groot, Black Widow's blonde hair, and Iron Man's new suit. We also get to see Nebula in action, even though it's a brief shot, and Spider-Man dangerously high up in the planet's atmosphere.

It remains to be seen just how the battle against Thanos will affect Earth's Mightiest Heroes. As we see more clips and teases, the excitement will continue to mount. But one question remains, and we hope we get an answer soon:

Where the hell is Hawkeye?!

Avengers: Infinity War premieres May 4th.