Josh Brolin Reveals Who He Prefers Playing: Thanos or Cable

When it comes to superhero movies, Josh Brolin is set to take 2018 by storm.The actor will be [...]

When it comes to superhero movies, Josh Brolin is set to take 2018 by storm.

The actor will be playing two iconic roles in films that are sure to be box office hits, including next week's Avengers: Infinity War and May's Deadpool 2. But with two popular Marvel characters under his belt, Brolin revealed which part he enjoyed playing the most: Thanos or Cable.

"Look, I really like doing Cable, and it's practical," Brolin told Total Film. "But I think if I was to have a preference, it'd be Thanos, just because my expectation was pretty low, given that I just thought I was a prop. And it was quite the opposite, having seen enough of the movie and realised how cutting edge this technical process is, y'know? I was watching me. I was watching every twitch, every blink. I was watching my eyes. My actions. I was living through my intentions."

Brolin was admittedly surprised by the motion capture performance in this film, and while he might not have been on the set for as long as many of his co-stars, it sounds like he turned in a performance he can be proud of. He still had to be convinced before he signed onto the role, so he called someone who knew what he'd be going through.

"At the beginning, before I said yes, I called Mark Ruffalo and I said, 'What do you think of this?' He was like, 'It's going to be really uncomfortable in the beginning, and then you see the movie, and you'll just be absolutely blown away by the stuff you were doing.' And that was then. They made huge leaps and bounds in mo-cap territory since then. There's nothing not authentic about it."

Brolin's co-stars have praised his performance in the film, a testament to his acting ability.

"Josh is terrifying," Tom Holland told Empire Magazine. "He has to wear this stupid mo-cap costume with big, rolling polystyrene shoulders and a tennis ball two feet above his head. He looks ridiculous, but as soon as the cameras roll he becomes this nine foot tall, terrifying alien."

The MCU godfather agreed with his protégé.

"I love him," concurs Robert Downey Jr. "Brolin doesn't take himself seriously, but there's a lot of weight in how he's portraying this guy. We literally are all a little bit scared when he's done cracking wise and steps into it. Get ready, brother. The Brolin Effect is coming."

Fans will get to see Brolin's performance next week when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on April 27th.

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