'Avengers: Infinity War' Concept Art Reveals More of Thanos Vs. Doctor Strange Battle

Newly revealed concept artwork from Avengers: Infinity War sheds more light on the planned fight [...]

Newly revealed concept artwork from Avengers: Infinity War sheds more light on the planned fight between Doctor Strange and Thanos.

Marvel Studios senior visual development artist Anthony Francisco reveals a new keyframe from the battle. Francisco explains that it shows "the doctor tries to trap Thanos in the mirror dimension but he easily parries the attack."

Take a look below (hit the arrow on the side to see the full scope of it):

Francisco previously revealed that the battle between Doctor Strange and Thanos had been planned for but cut from Avengers: Infinity War with another keyframe art piece.

"THANOS! Fighting Doctor Strange on Titan," Francisco wrotet. "I helped with concepting some ideas for their battle. This was one of my suggestions. My description was ... Thanos has 4 or 5 of the infinity stones, how would a battle with Dr Strange look like... and make sure it looks epic and something you haven't seen before! Manipulating gas from a nearby star or pulling lava from the center of a planet was what I was trying out. I also transported comets and rocks from a nearby moon or planet to rain down on Strange (i will post that next) Keyframe moments like these are really fun to do, specially fulfilling when you can see how it helped in the final result in the film!"

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Avengers: Infinity War is now available on home media.

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