'Avengers: Infinity War': Elizabeth Olsen Jokes About Indie 'House of M' Scarlet Witch Spinoff Movie

Avengers: Infinity War is just days away from debuting, and fans are eager to see exactly what's [...]

Avengers: Infinity War is just days away from debuting, and fans are eager to see exactly what's in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if some of the film's stars have their way, it could go in a very mumblecore direction.

ComicBook.com was on hand during the recent Infinity War press conference, where Elizabeth Olsen was asked about the possibility of a Scarlet Witch spinoff film. As Olsen revealed, she and her co-star, Vision actor Paul Bettany, have entertained the idea of an artsy "House of M" spinoff.

"Paul [Bettany] and I joke about how much we'd like to do a House of M spin-off," Olsen revealed, "and a real indie version of it."

For the unitiated, "House of M" was a 2005 storyline, which saw Scarlet Witch essentially changing the course of the Marvel Universe's reality after she loses her two children. As Olsen previously explained in an interview earlier this month, she thinks the story is would be a very unique thing to bring into the MCU -- even if it might have to make some narrative changes.

'I would love to [do a standalone], and I would love it to be House Of M, which is a comic book series of The Vision and Scarlet Witch having a make-believe family," Olsen revealed. "She [Wanda] believes she has twin children – she alters her own reality to believe that, but really she has a miscarriage and Vision goes along with it. Then they [Vision and her family] have to tell her that she was make-believing the entire time, and she has a very traumatic experience and screams, and kills all the mutants – but that's an X-Men story so we'd have to adjust the ending."

But before we get to that point, there's a chance that Scarlet Witch and Vision's relationship could go through some interesting beats in Infinity War and Avengers 4. A casting call for the latter could hint at the pair's twins making an appearance, something that could hint at their relationship going to the next level.

"I think that Vision's been on this quest to understand what being human is and I think Scarlet Witch [has] in a large degree helped him figure that out and what love is," Bettany told reporters during a set visit last year.

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Avengers: Infinity War will land in theaters on April 27th.