Avengers Star Karen Gillan Teases Nebula's Marvel Story Is Just Beginning

Avengers: Endgame wasn't just a climactic chapter for the stories of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, [...]

Avengers: Endgame wasn't just a climactic chapter for the stories of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, a number of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe got what felt like the final word on their stories. The show must go on as we know, and as actress Karen Gillan has revealed in a new interview, Nebula's story is just starting despite what felt like an ending for the character. Now free from the tyrannical rule of her adopted father Thanos and a member of Earth's mightiest heroes, there's a lot of fresh ground to cover for the Guardian of the Galaxy.

"I don't feel like her story is over at all," Gillan tells Fandom. "If anything, I feel like her story might just be beginning. We found her in a really broken, vulnerable place and over the course of the movies, she's had to face the source of all of her abuse. She's just had this huge, cathartic experience and the source of the abuse has been eliminated, so what happens next? That's something that I think is incredibly interesting. The healing can start but that's not going to be easy and it's not going to be immediate either."

Gillan went on to talk about how she plans to approach the role moving forward, saying she's eager to do research about people recovering from abuse and apply that to the character.

"I can't wait to kind of channel that into Nebula but also have fun with her at the same time," she added. "I feel like we're really going to start to define who she is without Thanos looming over her."

As ComicBook.com exclusively reported earlier this week, the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder "will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy" according to star Vin Diesel. Which characters that will be remains to be seen, but the ending of Endgame had a full crew of Star-Lord, Thor, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Nebula, and Mantis, all of whom could appear.

The Guardians of the Galaxy characters will likely not be a major focus of the film since Thor: Love and Thunder will tell the story of Jane Foster becoming Thor in addition to focusing on Chris Hemsworth's character. In all likelihood, the next substantial appearance by these characters will be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which does not yet have a production start date or even an official release date. Writer/director James Gunn has confirmed that he won't begin working on the sequel until he has completed work on his new film The Suicide Squad.