'Black Panther' Action Sequences Likened To 'Kingsman'

The Congressional Black Caucus week doesn’t seem like the typical venue to showcase new footage [...]

The Congressional Black Caucus week doesn't seem like the typical venue to showcase new footage for a highly anticipated superhero movie, but that didn't stop a Florida congresswoman from pulling out all the stops.

Rep. Val Demmings from Florida's 10th District organized a panel for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference. The panel, called "Imagining a Bigger World—Marvel's Black Panther, Cultural Heritage and STEM," showcased new footage from Black Panther which was described as "a mixture of [Ryan] Coogler's fight scenes from Creed and the manic bullet ballets from Kingsman movies."

The Root was on hand to cover the panel and reported the footage seemed similar to what was shown during the Marvel Studios presentation at Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con.

Check out some of their descriptions below:

The action is kinetic, like a mixture of Coogler's fight scenes from Creed and the manic bullet ballets from Kingsman movies. Okoye and Nakia pull out spears and start fighting off henchmen, and T'Challa is diving over tables while Klaue is shooting at Ross, T'Challa and everyone else to make his escape. T'Challa effortlessly makes a 20-foot leap into the upper balcony to chase after Klaue, only to have to dodge a slew of lasers as Klaue's hand transforms into a cannon of some kind.

This one also sounds amazing:

Black Panther jumps on top of the fleeing SUV while you see Okoye pull out a gigantic golden spear and throw it in front of the vehicle, where it props up like a light post. The car smashes full speed into the spear. The spear holds its ground as the car flips over, and as it does, you see Black Panther leap from the top of the roof of the car, onto a nearby building, where he begins to run up the side—like Spider-Man, but with better coordination.

Be sure to check out The Root's write-up to read the full description of the footage.

All in all, Black Panther is shaping up to be an epic movie. While some of the plotting and humor in the Kingsman movies can be pretty juvenile, the action is well executed.

If Black Panther borrows those elements while serving up a satisfying political drama that sends up African culture, it should be a wonderful movie superhero fans have sorely been lacking.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 9, 2018.

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