'Black Panther': Capture Klaue Clip Released

Marvel Studios has dropped a new clip from the just-released Black Panther, which sees Wakandan [...]

Marvel Studios has dropped a new clip from the just-released Black Panther, which sees Wakandan king T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his council discuss venturing to South Korea to capture Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis).

Klaue, a black market arms dealer who committed heinous war crimes against the African nation nearly three decades ago, stole Vibranium — a rare and nearly indestructible metal native to Wakanda — when King T'Chaka (John Kani) ruled the technologically-advanced society, hidden from the world by way of holographic camouflage.

"Klaue has escaped our pursuits for almost 30 years," says T'Challa, new to the throne. "Not capturing him is perhaps my father's greatest regret. I wish to bring Klaue back here to stand trial."

"My parents were killed when he attacked," says W'Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya), head of the Border Tribe and T'Challa's longtime best friend. "Not a day goes by when I do not think what Klaue took from us. From me."

Klaue's appearance in an underground South Korean casino is "too great an opportunity to pass," says Dora Milaje general Okoye (Danai Gurira).

W'Kabi wants in.

"Take me with you," he says. "We'll take him down together, side by side."

T'Challa objects. "I need you here, protecting the border."

"Then I ask you kill him where he stands," W'Kabi tells him, "or you bring him back to us."

"You have my word," says the king. "I will bring him back."

Black Panther debuted with a $25.2 million opening night Thursday, topping Captain America: Civil War's $25 million opening night. Black Panther now holds the second-biggest Marvel Studios Thursday night opening, coming in behind only Avengers: Age of Ultron's $27.6 million.

Serkis made his debut as Klaue — based on longtime Black Panther foe Ulysses Klaw, who in the Marvel Comics had a body composed of solid sound — in 2015's Age of Ultron, where he sold his Vibranium to Ultron (James Spader).

Klaue's black market antics got him into trouble with the Avengers, and Ultron effortlessly tore off his arm — leaving Klaue with a weaponized prosthetic in its place, which the villain uses to dazzling effect in Black Panther's South Korean action sequence-slash-car chase.

Black Panther is now playing. Once you've seen the film, be sure to cast your vote on the ComicBook.com composite below.