Daniel Kaluuya Confirms He's Not Returning for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

One big star from Black Panther is not going to be in the sequel. Jacqueline Coley from Rotten Tomatoes shared the news that Daniel Kaluuya would not be back on Twitter. During an interview for NOPE, the Judas and the Black Messiah star shared that there were scheduling conflicts at play when it came to the Marvel sequel. A lot of the cast was assumed to be returning for Ryan Coogler's vast return to Wakanda. A lot of the actors from the first film have been pressed about their involvement and until now it seemed like the band was all back together. Working with Jordan Peele on NOPE probably was a huge draw for Kaluuya as the two teamed up for Get Out back in 2017. Now, Black Panther fans are going to wonder if there's any more familiar faces who might not show up for the big celebration in a few short months.

In a previous interview with Jemele Hill, the Black Panther star said he would be in the sequel if that's what the story needed. "I have no idea. I speak to Ryan, I'm not gonna go, 'Yo, [put me in the movie].' He's living his life and working hard," Kaluuya explained when asked about the status of W'Kabi. "Whatever the story needs, you know? That [first movie] was a moment for us, and I don't want to go like, 'I'm trying to be in it just because I want it.' It's for us, I'm a fan."

Kaluuya continued, "I'm that kind of person if the story and the piece is better without me, I'm like, 'Yo, I'm gonna watch this,' because I really wanna watch it. And if I'm in it and I'm able to serve it, then I'm in it. And I just stay in that position."

In a similar vein he was asked about approaching the project without Chadwick Boseman alongside the cast. He gave a heartfelt answer about how they are trying to honor the star at every turn.

"He was the center. He was the glue. It's going to be a huge loss," Kaluuya explained. "That's going to be felt, you know? But I feel the way, when I've spoken to people part of the cast and the energy and the character of everyone, everyone is ready to honor what he gave in that moment. We can't even put our head around what he gave in that moment, to us and to everyone. So I feel everyone's ready to honor him and suit up, but the loss is unquantifiable."

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