Black Widow Advance Ticket Sales Are Highest Year To Date For Fandango

If you're wondering how Marvel is faring at the box office in the post-pandemic world: Black Widow [...]

If you're wondering how Marvel is faring at the box office in the post-pandemic world: Black Widow is currently generating the highest year-to-date ticket sales on Fandango. It's an indicator that crowds are indeed ready to head out in droves back to theaters to see Black Widow - something that Marvel Studios, Disney, and theater chains everywhere really want to hear right about now. It's an especially good sign considering that Black Widow is also being offered on the Disney+ Premium Access service as a home viewing option on release day; fans seem to be clearly leaning more toward the theatrical option.

At the time of writing this, Black Widow is set to beat F9 in advanced ticket sales, and also some pre-pandemic Marvel movie releases like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's looking like Black Widow's opening weekend box office could be in the $80-90M range, even though Disney is going with a conservative projection of $75M.

According to Fandango managing editor Erik Davis: "This action-packed film delivers on every level, giving fans the immersive, big-screen summer blockbuster, they've come to expect from Marvel Studios, along with a compelling storyline, engaging humor, and a memorable cast of characters, including exciting newcomers to the MCU. There's a reason why moviegoers voted for Black Widow as the summer's most anticipated movie, and they will not be disappointed."

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In our own Black Widow review, Brandon Davis echoes claims that Black Widow will be a very welcome to the Marvel movie theatrical experience:

"Black Widow will be available to buy on Disney+ Premier Access, but if you have the chance to see it on the big screen, you should absolutely take it. The film will be the ideal return to the theater for any moviegoer, even those who are just casual fans of the MCU. While it's hard not to dwell on the fact that Black Widow should have been made a decade ago, the new movie still manages to be a well-placed addition to the franchise and the perfect send-off for Scarlett Johansson and Natasha Romanoff."'s Jenna Anderson's predicts that Black Widow won't just be successful at the box office - it's going to spark a renewed drive for more female-led Marvel movies:

"As fans gear up to watch Black Widow in theaters and on Disney+ this weekend, there's something about the movie's focus on female relationships that feels unprecedented in the context of the larger MCU — but it doesn't have to be. While the MCU might not have always put its female characters (and the dynamics between them) in the spotlight, there's no reason why the franchise couldn't make up for that in the future."

Black Widow hits theaters, IMAX, and Disney+ Premium Access on July 9th.