Black Widow Star David Harbour Says Red Guardian Is the Best Character in the MCU

If things hold up as planned, Black Widow will be hitting theaters in a matter of weeks. Once it [...]

If things hold up as planned, Black Widow will be hitting theaters in a matter of weeks. Once it does, it will introduce the best character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to millions of fans around the world — that is, of course, according to Black Widow star David Harbour. In a recent Widow cover story for Entertainment Weekly, Harbour let it slip that he thinks his character — Red Guardians, the Russian equivalent of Captain America — is as good as they come.

"I think I'm biased, but I think it's the best character in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe," Harbour tells EW. "I mean, he is a narcissist, so it's very appropriate that I'm playing him and that I think that. But he's just got so many layers. On one level, he's your classic superhero badass character, but then when you meet him, he has this need to be liked, and he wants to be thought of as funny and a big shot — which he isn't."

In the advertising for the series we've seen so far, Harbour's character has been a major point of comedic relief, usually being used as a joke-telling closing tag. Despite being weeks away, we still don't know much about the plot of the Harbour and Scarlett Johansson-starring vehicle. In addition to those two, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, and O-T Fagbenle are also set to headline.

When we spoke with Harbour last summer, he pinpointed the overall success of the MCU on the producers that hold everything together"

"Yeah, yeah. Those movies, there's a reason why they are the zeitgeist that they are," Harbour said at the time. "The guys that I've met over there who are making these movies, like [Louis] D'Esposito and [Kevin] Feige, they just seem like the best in the business in a certain way in terms of that particular thing."

The actor added, "The great thing about them and about all the people that work on these movies is that it really feels like an amateur movie, and I don't mean this in terms of a negative thing. Amateur stems from the word 'amo,' to love. People just doing it for the love of it as opposed to just doing it for a paycheck and that's really what it feels like. It feels like these guys just love, love, love movies, and they want to make fun, exciting movies."

Black Widow is currently set to hit theaters May 1st.