Black Widow: Kevin Feige Hopes We See More of Mason in the MCU

Rick Mason (O-T Fagbenle) appeared in a handful of Black Widow scenes as the ultimate go-to [...]

Rick Mason (O-T Fagbenle) appeared in a handful of Black Widow scenes as the ultimate go-to source. If you're in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you "know a guy," it's likely Rick Mason is that guy. That's why Kevin Feige says he'd like to see the character return at some point in the near future. During a fan Q&A on Twitter, the Marvel Studios boss praised Fagbenle's performance, expressing interest in bringing the actor back in a separate Marvel property sometime soon.

"We love O-T Fagbenle and we certainly hope so!" the producer responded to a fan asking if The Handmaid's Tale alum would return.

The actor himself has teased a return to the MCU, pointing out the character's status as a hired hand for the Marvel world's "highest bidder."

"Mason is ex-military, he's got an experience. He probably works [for] the highest bidder and is probably a bit disaffected and feels maybe a bit cynical about the world powers and the way they all work, and that's why he's ready to work for the highest bidder," Fagbenle told Fandango All Access about Rick Mason earlier this month. "I think the only difference is with Natasha it's not just about money, he's not just a mercenary in this instance. He's got a connection, he has a soft spot. They have a history together, and I think that's sort of the interesting thing that plays out in the subtext between them."

"I think there's a great space for Mason. I think he's a really fun character and has a utility within the stories and stuff like that, so I'd certainly love to do more," the actor added "I had such a good time working with Marvel and Disney on the project, so we'll see if he does get another outing. I think he's really fun. I'd like to see him go on some missions, that kind of Mission: Impossible thing when you've got your techie guy with you. He's a lot of fun, so I think there's potential for something like that."

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