Black Widow Filmmakers Hired Military Consultants to Make Sure Red Room Was Possible in Real Life

The Marvel Universe has always been pitched as superheroes living in the world outside our window. Instead of Gotham, Smallville, and Central City, the Marvel Universe is rooted in the Big Apple and its characters appear around the world we know. That is something that's carried over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the filmmakers at Marvel Studios wanting its movies and television shows still rooted in science, despite featuring aliens and sorcerers. Take Avengers: Endgame, as an example. The production hired quantum physicists to help construct rules of time-travel that could at least theoretically possible, although the science doesn't exist today.

Black Widow also happened to hire special consultants, though they weren't tasked with coming up with time-traveling rules. Instead, they were asked whether or not the film's Red Room could be actually operable in real-life.

"I think one thing that we did kind of chat about is, okay, 'How high could it [the Red Room] be, in order to sustain a two-minute free fall?' I think it was 20,000 feet or just below that, where you could buy the fact somebody could still be breathing, they don't need any oxygen. It'd be very cold and it would give us enough scream time to possibly buy the dissent. So that's a simple example, as far as you know, that something like that goes," Black Widow VFX supervisor Geoffrey Bauman tells us.

He adds, "We do use consultants. I mean, we reach out to military consultants with any specific need or specialty I should say, we do bring in consultants to make sure that we're staying as true to the real world is possible."

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