'Black Widow': Kevin Feige Rules Out R-Rating

The rumor of Black Widow being rated 'R' can finally be laid to rest.Speaking to Comicbook.com in [...]

The rumor of Black Widow being rated "R" can finally be laid to rest.

Speaking to Comicbook.com in an exclusive interview at an event in promotion of Captain Marvel's upcoming release, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige officially ruled out the possibility of the upcoming Marvel Studios film having an R-rating. This means fans can expect the character to maintain her PG-13 roots, dodging overly violent action sequences, harsh foul language, or other content which would make it inaccessible for younger audiences.

When asked if the rumor of Black Widow being R-rated can be officially squashed, Feige said, "Yes. Correct."

"It never was going to be," Feige said. "Somebody writes, 'I hear it's R-rated!' And then everybody writes it up." As it turns out, the rumor was never anything more than just that.

The studio is not yet ready to officially announce movies beyond Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: Far From Home. "There are no mandates to make any more than two films a year," Feige revealed. "As we've seen in the last couple years, when it naturally happens and when there are ideas and when there are teams ready to go, we're not going to hold something back. We'll make it."

Scarlett Johansson will be reprising her role as the titular Black Widow hero in the upcoming film. Which other characters will be involved remains unknown. The film expected to be directed by Cate Shortland on a script from Jac Schaeffer. In the mean time, fans can expect to see Johansson reprise her role in Avengers: Endgame which hits theaters in April.

If Marvel's track-record is any indication, an MPAA rating won't be much of a factor for the Black Widow movie. Box office and critical success has been rampant for Marvel Studios and with Captain Marvel being next in line for release, it seems another hit is on the way if early reactions are any indication.

Black Widow is one of many films unofficially expected from Marvel Studios, along with The Eternals, a Black Panther sequel, a Doctor Strange sequel, a possible Nova film, and a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Black Widow does not yet have a release date, but is rumored to hit theaters in 2020.