Captain America Civil War Directors And Cast Tease Avengers: Infinity War

While fans are still attempting to process Captain America: Civil War, talk has already begun [...]

Civil War
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

While fans are still attempting to process Captain America: Civil War, talk has already begun about what we can expect from the Russo Brother's next film, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.

During a sit down with the cast, Sky Movies asked what fans can expect from the anticipated film, in terms of scope, cast, and story. Falcon Actor Anthony Mackie set the tone right away, saying: "It's going to be the Star Wars of our generation. I think with Infinity War is that no one has ever attempted anything like that. No other comic book franchise has ever put this many comic book characters in a movie. I think it's going to be damn mind blowing when you see it."

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo also weighed in, and let fans know that the threads of Civil War will not be dropped once Infinity War begins.

Joe Russo: We thought that the most compelling way to start off Infinity War would be to have the Avengers right off at the ends of the earth in complete conflict with each other when the greatest threat they've ever faced shows up, and it's setting the ground work for Infinity War, but Civil War is not finished. It's going, the story will continue, the story of this family will continue into those movies."

Anthony Russo: "Civil War was very much a good warmup for us in terms of the storytelling for Infinity War because we're dealing with such a large number of characters."

Joe Russo: "Infinity War, the approach to those movies is that they're culmination films. That they're going to culminate everything that has come before them, and any Marvel movie that has come out to this point. So, it's really banding together all the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to face this threat together."

Vision Actor Paul Bettany also shared some thoughts on what's coming next, saying: "What I have seen so far and heard so far is just, I mean, they, Marvel does it each time. It is huge, not jut in the sort of scale of what they're going to attempt to do visually, but storywise the ideas are just massive and so much fun.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018.