Captain America: Civil War's Elizabeth Olsen Explains Scarlet Witch's History

Elizabeth Olsen certainly knows her Scarlet Witch history.'Scarlet Witch first appeared in X-Men [...]

Elizabeth Olsen certainly knows her Scarlet Witch history.

"Scarlet Witch first appeared in X-Men #4 in May of 1964," Olsen starts out explaining before getting into the early villainous days of her character. "Her power is to tap into the mystic powers of the universe, creating reality disrupting chaos!"

"Scarlet Witch then joined the Avengers a year later in Avengers #16 and spent the next couple years kicking butt with them," Olsen explains.

Olsen's portrayal of Scarlet Witch is quite different from that of Marvel Comics. The character was originally the daughter of Magneto and got her powers from being a mutant. That story line was recently undone in Uncanny Avengers when she found out that Magneto was not actually her father.

The character's villainous roots were somewhat adapted to the movies, though. In Avengers: Age of Ultron she and her brother Quicksilver sided with the evil A.I. bot before joining the Avengers in the fight to stop him.

Olsen's Scarlet Witch can be seen in Captain America: Civil War which is now playing in theaters. As for her next appearance, it's anyone's guess!