'Captain Marvel': Annette Bening's Character Seemingly Confirmed By Kids Book

It looks like we now know who Annette Bening will be playing in Captain Marvel, all thanks to a [...]

It looks like we now know who Annette Bening will be playing in Captain Marvel, all thanks to a new storybook.

Captain Marvel merchandise is starting to make its way into stores, and one of those pieces of new merchandise is the Captain Marvel Hero Storybook, which features the Kree Starforce on the cover. It's what is inside the book though that is most revealing, as there's a page of art that has Carol (being called Vers at this point) holding hands with a character that has a big resemblance to Annette Bening, and they call her the Supreme Intelligence.

You can check out the photo and description of the text below (via MCU.Eternal).

"The Supreme Intelligence grasped Vers' hand, and her body began to glow as the power being transmitted by the Supreme Intelligence pulsed through Vers, gathering in the photon battery at the base of her neck."

Some had already theorized that this is the part Bening would be playing, and if those individuals ended up betting something on it, it's time to go collect your winnings.

In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence started out as an object that housed all of the minds of passed great Kree thinkers and generals. After other regarded Kree figures would die they would add their brains to the Supreme Intelligence, continuing the cycle for years. Thing is eventually it developed its own mind and personality, and while it never achieved its original purpose (the Kree wanted a Cosmic Cube of their own), the Supreme Intelligence would go on to a have a profound effect on Kree culture, and eventually ended up ruling the Kree Empire as the Kree worshiped it as an all-knowing being.

As for the design it...well, looks a bit over the top. I mean, it's like a giant green head in a tube. Because of that, it would make sense then that Marvel would do something more akin to what they did with Ego the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, turning Ego into a person rather than a giant planet with a face. That still made it into the movie, but most of the work was done by that point as far as grounding and the like.

It seems they are doing just that, though some will undoubtedly take issue with it, just like they did with Kurt Russell as Ego. Thing is, that worked out really well, so we're inclined to just trust Marvel on this one.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th.