Brie Larson Breaks Down the Importance of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a hot topic heading into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brie [...]

Captain Marvel is a hot topic heading into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brie Larson sat down to talk to Variety about her role in Just Mercy, and talked about the impact of the character. Captain Marvel was basically a huge hit in theaters when it came out. Now, the path forward in the MCU falls to all the heroes that survived Avengers: Endgame. The actress knows that she has a big role to play in Phase 4. Captain Marvel 2 will be around at some point, but the date hasn't been announced yet. There will be the question of her interactions with Ms. Marvel as well too. She might not be as big as the original Avengers, but probably she will figure into the next big team up on the horizon. For right now, she's a symbol for young fans all over.

"So I felt the importance of creating a symbol when I was making "Captain Marvel," Larson explained. "But once I'm done on set filming, and then especially when the movie's out, I am here to allow people to know that there's an experience they can have access to if they want, but it's not mine anymore. You know, and "Captain Marvel's" definitely not mine anymore. And it makes me so thrilled that it's beyond me. It wasn't until I actually had the action figure in my hand that I was, like, "Whoa! Kids can now be on the floor, and Captain Marvel can have unlimited experiences."

Kevin Feige has made no secret of the fact that Marvel Studios has big plans for the hero going forward. During the movie's special, the head man talked about what makes Captain Marvel so unique.

"The great thing about Captain Marvel is she is a human. She's a real person, Carol Danvers, who gets these incredible powers and who has these amazing adventures in outer space," Feige said during Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special. "But as with all of the best Marvel characters, she needs to be very human. So this is not just about somebody who is incredibly powerful and can fly around and shoot photon blasts out of her hands; it's somebody who's very human, who's very vulnerable, and who has multiple dimensions."

Feige also mentioned, "When we found out that Brie Larson might be interested in joining our world, we had a number of meetings. She was a huge fan of the character in the comics. One of the highlights of my career at Marvel was introducing her at Comic-Con and having her come out on stage and stand there with literally almost everybody else from our movies. There she was at the forefront, and it was a great foreshadowing – not just for how audiences are going to embrace Brie as this character, but also for how Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Cinematic Universe."