'Captain Marvel' And 'Iron Man 2' Connection Revealed

Marvel's The Avengers and Captain Marvel both have strong ties to a moment from Iron Man [...]

Marvel's The Avengers and Captain Marvel both have strong ties to a moment from Iron Man 2.

Spoilers for Captain Marvel follow. Major spoilers!

In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark is making an effort to find new information when he requests JARVIS get him all of the information on three project files. Those project files were under the names of Goliath, Pegasus, and Exodus.

Goliath paid off in Ant-Man and The Wasp when it was revealed that Bill Foster operated as the gigantic counterpart to Hank Pym's Ant-Man. Exodus has not yet been revealed. However, Pegasus related to both The Avengers and, more specifically, Captain Marvel.

Pegasus was a project operated by Kree defector Mar-Vell in an effort to create a lightspeed ship capable of protecting the Skrulls from the Kree. Carol Danvers had worked at this Pegasus facility for Mar-Vell as she posed as Dr. Wendy Lawson. Later, this same facility would become the underground location used in Marvel's The Avengers by SHIELD until it collapsed when Loki arrived.

Whether it was planned seven years ago in the original Marvel ensemble film or a happy accident which Marvel Studios took advantage of, Nicky Fury did tell Tony Stark that he was not the only super hero in existence. As we now know, Fury had a long history with Captain Marvel two decades before Tony Stark emerged as Iron Man.

"Pegasus was name dropped as you very impressively remember in Iron Man 2, then it's also at the top of Avengers 1," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told ComicBook.com. "And it was early on tying her into that early MCU. What do we know about the period of the MCU in the years before Iron Man? Well, the Tesseract and Pegasus. were part of it. And then also you're seeing another side of that same facility was interesting."

As for whether or not the Marvel Cinematic Universe has plans in store to payoff the Project Exodus details, Feige says, "We'll see."

Which of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's important historical details revealed in Captain Marvel did you enjoy the most? What's your prediction for Project Exodus paying off? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter, @BrandonDavisBD!

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters.


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